MuleSoft has been part of the Salesforce family since 2018. We help companies achieve digital transformation by easily connecting all their business systems, including applications, data, devices, and more. If you’re wondering what MuleSoft is, know this: we focus entirely on systems integration of experiences, products, and services to help IT and business users quickly connect data from any system. We’re the #1 integration and application programming interfaces (API) platform.

Customers expect connected experiences across channels, platforms, teams, and departments. They don’t want to see the seams where your systems and departments meet. MuleSoft brings everything together to help organizations change and innovate faster. How? We make it easy to connect any application, data, and device with APIs. And what are APIs? Think of them as messengers that take requests and tell a system what a user wants it to do, then returns a response back to that user.


How MuleSoft boosts business growth

Let’s look at an example of MuleSoft integration in action. One of the world’s largest consumer goods providers wanted to find more efficient solutions to deploy new products and services. They had three goals:

  • 1. Roll out a new ecommerce initiative quickly.
  • 2. Engage directly with customers through both digital and in-store channels.
  • 3. Deliver a better customer experience.

Learn to transform your digital business with data integration

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